Sunday, June 01, 2008

my house-moving tsunami...

Apologies for how woefully neglected my blog is at the moment - especially considering the sudden, unexpected (and very welcome!) surge in visitors to it!! How typical - just when I can't capitalize on it!

(Oh well, I've never been particularly good with 'capital' anyway...!)

The problem is, my life, once again, looks a lot like this:

As soon as it doesn't look like this anymore, I will get back to my blog properly... and probably find there's no one left here waiting...

1 comment:

exoteric said...


Considering I only just found your blog, I guess I'll just keep making my way through past posts of yours that should tide me over for a while while you get your life in order.

There's some good stuff in what you have here.

Hope the house moving-in goes well.