Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the networking world

It's a bit disappointing that the seemingly rare studies about the way our current culture of social networking through digital mediums, such as mobile phones and the internet, simultaneously evoke and illustrate the integrated nature of existence--not just from human to human, but from environment to human and everything in-between, always seem to be raised within a religious context. I can understand interconnectivity being referred to within a spiritual context, but interconnective theories are inherently non-religious--non-hierarchical, non-patriarchal. It feels something like a betrayal to have these ideas batted about a solely religious forum, when I feel personally it has so much more to do with a secular world--indeed has a lot to do with why we live in a world without the elevated gods-of-old. It's necessarily reliant upon equality between all actors in the world... and those actors don't have to be human, let alone male or female...
Nevertheless, this BBC radio item is the most in-depth public study I think I've ever heard on the subject of social networking and what this might mean philosophically.
The link is probably only active for a week--click on 'listen to the latest edition' of Something Understood--but if you listen to it, I don't think you'll experience facebook or texting quite the same way again...

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Actually there have only been about 2 articles since I last went on the site which was a while ago, I had been thinking about the one about the Muslim woman. there was that honour killing of the Kurdish woman who went to the police but was not taken seriously.

You don't have to leave this comment on here it is not very informative, but i'm hoping its an untraceable alternative to emailing.

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