Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Keep Your Friends Close, But Keep Your... Family (!) Closer:

While I was attending the women’s washing course in Aldeia 1 (I’ll write about that soon…), over the field in Aldeia 3, Sapalo – one of the twenty Angolan Social Co-ordinators, and Aldeia 3’s Social Representative – was being attacked with a knife… by his cousin!!

Recently the family in Casa 11 of Aldeia 3 had to be evicted (and that’s a whoooole other story… which I’ll tell at some point…) and apparently this caused some insecurity amongst some of the other villagers, including Sapalo’s cousin! So, as a measure to prevent his family’s eviction from his house in Aldeia 3, Sapalo’s cousin attempted to stab the Social Co-ordinator - his cousin! Fortunately Sapalo, who has a great deal of army experience, was able to overcome him, and escaped with a few cuts to his hands. As a result of this murder attempt, Sapalo’s cousin (aside from being arrested of course!) and his family is… guess what??... being evicted from the village!! Nice plan Sapalo’s cousin!

Apparently, the moment before he launched his attack, Sapalo’s cousin exclaimed:

“Sapalo, you are my cousin. But today I am going to kill you!”

...I think he’d been watching a few too many dodgy Brazilian B-movies over in the market!!

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