Monday, January 01, 2007


This is my pineapple wot I drew! I is calling it: 'Abacaxi'.

(Last creative thing I did in 2006!)

Turbo Tagger


Misfit said...

Hi! I like your abacaxi painting! it shows how they are smaller, squatter than pineapples, and usually also sweeter, when you eat them:)
Great color use, too.
Have you planted any around your place? They grow very easily, and you only have to cut the top off and replant it to get another one.
What part of Angola are you in? Are you near Malange? I used to live on a xitaca just outside of Luena.


jennifletzet said...

Thank you Misfit! We don't have abacaxi planted around our place, but we have passion-fruit (maracuja) growing along the walls and a few mango trees too.
We are living in Wako-Kungo (beside Cela). We visited Malange in November because the agricultural company we work for are planning to start their next project in Malange.
So we live quite far from Xitaca, but funnily enough my partner, Eran, worked for a year in Luena for UNICEF back in 2001-2002.
Jennifletzet x

misfit said...

Hi again Jennifletzet,
I grew up in Luena (formerly Luso) but left when my mom needed an operation in London in 1975, two months before the country was given its independence by Portugal. I am hoping to come back and visit in 2008 or 9 with my daughter. Your photos which I viewed gave me "saudades" (homesickness). i also lived in Luanda for about 3 years as a teen.
In one of your photos, you are sitting having a picnic on a high rock--I used to love to climb them. I can see behind you some thin flat rocks wedged like bricks into a hole in the big rock. It is probably an ancient burial place. When I was a kid, my African friends wouldn't let me investigate them. In fact, they would not go near.
Hope you're enjoying the rainy season and the big clouds and thunderstorms:)

jennifletzet said...

I can understand why you miss Angola so much; it is an incredibly beautiful place. Eran spent a year working for UNICEF in Luena a few years ago. But I haven't seen it.

The rock where we're drinking coffee is one of our favourite spots: it has views over the valley and the Queve river. And you are right (and very observant I must say!): that is a burial site behind us! There are about 4 burial mounds there, and I guess it is for the reasons you suggested that the place is always deserted.

The thunderstorms here are spectacular! And they are some of my favourite things about living here. Nothing can describe them... But I like the rain much less, since it usually rains inside the house, not just outside!!
I'm sure your daughter will love it here.