Tuesday, December 05, 2006

So yesterday Godammkitty on her blog for takebackthetech (at http://hopeandonions.blogspot.com/) made a really thought-provoking and diverse list of websites and articles connected with women, violence and ICTs, and I just thought it was a great idea. I haven't been able to do quite the considered and wide-reaching research that she did, but for what it's worth, I've made my own collection of articles, websites and blogs relating to the topics at hand - whether they be ordinary women utilising ICTs for personal blogs, or specific organisations relating to gender violence, or to feminist issues more generally. I've focussed mainly on countries where I have female friends who are either current residents, nationals, or both.

Gender concerns for friends from:

Greece: http://deviousdiva.com/
Hungary: http://www.cddc.vt.edu/feminism/hun.html and, if you can read Hungarian, http://feminarium.blogter.hu/
Iceland: http://www.genderawards.net/gict_pr_db.shtml?AA_SL_Session=bd4c3ca897fb8&x=19371
Italy: http://www.deccanherald.com/deccanherald/jun252004/she3.asp
Japan: http://www.time.com/time/asia/covers/501050829/story.html
Poland: http://feministblogs.org/tag/poland/
and http://www.grrrlzines.net/zines/polish_slovene.htm
Scotland: http://www.scotland.gov.uk/News/Releases/2006/11/24080725
Turkey: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/3768847.stm

Gender concerns for friends in:

Sierra Leone: http://www.amnesty.ie/user/content/view/full/6207/
Slovakia: http://www.piatazena.sk/
Spain: http://www.feminist.org/news/newsbyte/uswirestory.asp?id=8433
and http://www.infoshop.org/iau/spain1.html
Sweden: http://www.sweden.gov.se/content/1/c6/04/28/96/88110928.pdf
Wales: http://wales.setwomenresource.org.uk/

Just a few others, including some continental approaches, and a few more not on 'hope and onions':

Brazil: http://countrystudies.us/brazil/31.htm
Palestine: http://a-mother-from-gaza.blogspot.com/
Uganda: http://www.unhcr.org/cgi-bin/texis/vtx/news/opendoc.htm?tbl=NEWS&page=home&id=438d85774

Europe: http://www.coe.int/T/E/Human_Rights/Equality/05._Violence_against_women/
South Africa: http://womensnet.org.za/
Latin America: http://ipsnews.net/news.asp?idnews=31873
Malaysia and South Africa: http://www.bernama.com/bernama/v3/news_lite.php?id=226875

Me cheating! This site has information on the extent of women's empowerment through ICTs and Information Technology in a number of countries; including Brazil, UAE, Morocco and Pakistan, among others...:

Something on the more general world-wide campaigns for ending violence against women:

Where I come from:
UK: http://www.endviolenceagainstwomen.org.uk/
Where I am:
Angola: http://www.plusnews.org/webspecials/womensday/ang040305.asp

Russia: These following two web-pages were definitely a moment of disappointment in an otherwise enjoyable and encouraging web-browsing experience into the global attitudes and approaches towards ending violence against women. These were among the first sites to come up when googling 'gender' and 'Russia', and in fact finding anything solid at all for Russia was extremely difficult to locate, at least in the English language. I sincerely hope there is more positive material out there in Russian...

After reading the first article make a note of what website is hosting it...

I was encouraged to link to the second site here - a blog by an American living in Russia (or so he says) - by takebackthetech's initiative for Day5 of the campaign: 'to target the abuser - show his face'. Well I can't snap this guy's picture, but I can draw attention to his ignorant and harmful blog currently apparently only visited by equally misguided followers of his misogynist, paranoid, arrogant and fear-fuelled self-infatuated propoganda, supposedly 'substantiated' by pseudo-science, amateur-psychology and unreliable sources - and exactly the kind of material that can form the basis for every kind of violence against women: on one post he states that feminists are women who were sexually abused as children and too ashamed to admit that they enjoyed it!! There is the dilemma of course that this might give his blog attention he doesn't deserve, but I think it's important to know the damaging attitudes that exist and are expressed in cyberspace, and anyway, his blog only confirms that feminism and gender awareness is as critical and relevant as ever. Personally, I pity the man: to come out with this tripe he must be love-less, lonely, and bitter: check out his verbal rot at: http://russianwomen.wordpress.com/

Fortunately, there is some hope...: http://www.owl.ru/eng/womplus/

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Godammitkitty said...

Great job!! I'm looking forward to reading all of those links (except the misogynist 'American living in Russia' page--that sounds awful).

"feminists are women who were sexually abused as children and too ashamed to admit that they enjoyed it"?!! Wow. Very depressing.

Keep up the great work! Best wishes, GDK/H&O

Jack said...

It is sadening that people who profess to be against domestic violence don't seem to realize that men are also victims from women. I finally escaped a 20 year situation from a woman who is so hateful I finally could not ignore it. I was hoping to find some understanding from the title of your site. But it seems you belive only women can be treated badly. Sorry it looks so.

jennifletzet said...

I'm sorry you suffered domestic violence Jack. Of course we know that men also face it. But it is a fact that 89% of domestic violence victims are women, and while I know that at every other time in the year we would all be campaigning for the end of violence against anyone at all, this is a 16-day campaign from Nov 25-Dec 10 focusing specifically on that 89%. And I haven't actually said anywhere that only women can be treated badly.

Thanks Godammkitty...

jennifletzet said...

My mistake: the statistic, according to Amnesty International, is 85%.

Jack said...

I apologize you limit your statistics so.
In truth though, 85% of abuse from women on men is not reported due to societal pressures, perhaps ego's and mostly because of sexual bias, according to Danish studies.
I to had a difficult time and when I discovered the site you have targeted in your blog with such bitterness, I at least found someplace that at least let me know I was not alone.
We all inhabit the earth as equals and no one deserves to be downtrodden. Enough is enough from our own histories. I hope you can at least have a little empathy for those of us 15% rather than take such a utilitarian attitude.
Thank you for this opportunity to have my say.

deviousdiva said...

This is a great bunch of links and thank you for including me! It is wonderful to find these blogs from other countries.

I am returning the link love!